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Hotel Narsaq is located in South Greenland, which is affectionately known

as the Greenlandic Riviera by the locals and refers to the chilled sea-side atmosphere,

mild climate and sunny summers.

The town of Narsaq is surrounded by mountains, fjords, icebergs, and arctic tundra -home to various

precious plants and rich wildlife. Despite being a small town, it has plenty to offer visitors.

You can enjoy live music at a local bar, explore a museum, visit the Qajaq beer brewery, rent an ATV,

kayak, or browse through several local cafés and shops.

We hope you´ll have a wonderful time while exploring the area!

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What Makes Us Special

Rich and unique wildlife

Whales, deers, arctic fox, rivers full of fish, 

and a home to various precious plants.

It can all be found here!

Our brewery

We are running a craft beer brewery in Narsaq!

Our Qajaq beer is on the tap in the hotel café and the town bar!

Off the beaten path

Narsaq is secluded and sourrounded

by the ocean, mountains and fjords.

You hardly meet anyone when hiking!


What Makes Us even more Special

ATV rental

We offer to rent two powerful

ATVs to experience

the adrenaline rush of off-road exploring in the rugged  wilderness of Narsaq. 


Get a kayak and explore Narsaq coast and fjords, while passing around the floating icebergs.

There is a always a chance to spot a whale on your way!


Greenland's wild rivers are a prime spot for fishing enthusiasts.

Cast a line and try your luck!

Brewery tour

During the tour led by the brewmaster, you'll discover the intricacies of the Qajaq

beer-making process and get to

taste it's different kinds.

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How to reach Narsaq

The best way to get here is to fly to Narsarsuaq airport from either Keflavik, Iceland, or Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Once you arrive at Narsarsuaq, you can walk or take a short bus ride to the harbour,

from which it´s about one hour journey to Narsaq by a boat. 

You can book your ticket for 600 DKK in advance with Diskoline.

Another option is a helicopter provided by Diskoline or BlueIce explorer.

Contact us!

Alanngunnguup Saqqaa 819, Narsaq, 3921 | +299 66 12 90

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